Sticks & Stones

Sticks and Stones
I have a bumper sticker that reads “Support Free Speech, How else are we to know who the assholes are?” Some news organizations are refusing to show the controversial cartoons that caused some fanatics to kill themselves while killing us.   Yes many are offensive  But don’t you think we have the right to decide that for ourselves? The media has never really been impartial   in Europe or here.  Ever since Ben Franklin we have had the right to speak our minds and the media, the courts and the government has had the obligation to defend that right.   That said, we all have the right to critique or even ridicule what has been said, or drawn. No one or no “thing” can or should be exempt from this, with the possible exemption of children.  There is plenty to criticize in religion, politics, and philosophy.   We should all take a page from the comedian Lenny Bruce and accept that there are jokes and criticisms about EVERY religion and ethnicity and they are all valid or funny, no exceptions.   It’s just like the nursery rhyme you should have learned in school, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” What people say doesn’t really matter in the end, it’s what They do that They will be judged on.

Praise be we all have a choice on where to go and what kind of music we want to listen to. If you like ‘Neil Diamond’  there is a Tribute Show, @ Sound Bites Grille. Not rock enough for ya? RON LOCURTO AND RAY FROM LIVING WITH THE PAST; ACOUSTIC TRIBUTE TO JETHRO TULL @ Vino di Sedona. You want to dance?  10/12 has Aces ‘N’ Eights and The Retros, Eleventh Hour Band and Rudy Boy Experiment are at the Spirit Room. If you’re looking for a party the Old Corral is a  “Cheese Fest”  with music by the Wright Bros. and the Izzies and ALL DAY PJ’s 16th Anniversary Party!!! w/ Skunky Ron and Music by Dom Da Bomb. Flagstaff is having the Brew-Ha-Ha @ High Country Conference Center and over at The Mile High Grille they’re playin Ukulele and singing Beatle Songs w/ Tommy Anderson. If you want to go greek you’ve got two chances to catch “Andreas Kapsalis” @ Oak Creek Brewing or @ The Raven over the mountain in Prescott. The world needs more humor and you’ll get plenty with the Comedy Concert featuring Greg Tamblyn @ Old Town Center for the Arts and “ALOHA-HA-HA SEDONA!” @ Mary D. Fisher Theatre. Maybe its exceptional guitar music you’re looking for? then try Mark Thomas @ My Dobro and The Black Forest Society @ The Spirit Room. Want to hear a girl sing her heart out try Miller, Martin & Miller “Rockin’ & Blue” @ The Marketplace Cafe or Susannah Martin Jazz Quartet with Zirque Bonner-bass & others. @ Sound Bites Grille. Nathan Payne and the Wild Bores will be @ That Brewery Cottonwood’s new addition to the music scene and he’s bringing Tara from Copper State Collective another little girl who sings her heart out. Be sure to go to to get the when and where and I’ll see you there.
Old Town Dave