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Spring Fever Blues

A couple of things that the valley has plenty of is Archaeology and Pecans. You can get a healthy portion of both all weekend in Camp Verde and wash it all down with some local wine too @ Spring Heritage Pecan and Wine Festival and the Verde Valley Archaeology Fair and Film Festival. If you want The Naughty Bits! with that movie you’ll have to go to the brewery in Sedona. It’s that time of year you shouldn’t miss, cause this is as good as it gets. It’s nice out both day and night and barring an April Fool’s surprise, winter is over (was it ever really here at all). Yes I know we had that freakish snow storm, but it all seems like a Fellini dream now. Spring is here and it’s time for the 5TH ANNUAL OLD TOWN BLUES FEST @ Old Town Center for the Arts. The blues is like hayfever and everybody’s got ’em. Sir Harrison‘s got em @ The spirit Room, Mother Road Trio has em @ Kactus Kate’s, The Bottom Line Band is holed up with ’em @ Old Corral and Karl Jones has the Celtic variety R&B @ Mooneys Irish Pub. Everybody else is just playin’ that ‘ol Rock and Roll like Patrolled by Radar and Rewired @ Spirit Room or the Eleventh Hour Band @ 10-12 Lounge, Toucan Eddy @ My Dobro and Green Light @ Vino di Sedona. Some are jazzin’ up the juice like ~ Sandner-Martin Jazz Quartet “Jazz & Juice”@ Sound Bites Grille, for that spring Flavour (jazz music) 5-7 @ Vino di Sedona. But only the Sammy Davis Band has soul @ PJ’s Village Pub. Don’t forget the Church of Dave outside @ The Red Rooster Cafe after you danced all night to Johnny Lingo Trio @ 10-12 Lounge. To find what ale’s ya go to and pick out your spring fever remedy.

Old Town Dave