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Why Sedona Loves the Polar Vortex

It might seem strange but this is my favorite time of year. Except for my allergies, the weather is perfect. I’m even thinking of putting my house plants back outside. Then I remember, It’s only February. Yeah, this is too good to last. There’s gonna be a blizzard in March or a late freeze on April Fool’s that will kill all my fruit. Seen this movie before. Speaking of Movies Its time for the Sedona Film Festival starting this weekend till the end of the month. Lots of movies you’ve never seen and will probably never have a chance to see again. Not to mention parties and special shows like the ones Ed Asner is putting on, “FDR” and “Oxymorons”, at SPAC this weekend and Larry Dunn’s Anthology of Earth Wind & Fire @ Sedona Performing Arts Center. I think the Sedona festival has caught on just like the Gem and Car shows. Where else do you want to be in February? Those poor bastards back in Boston can’t even celebrate winning the Superbowl for the snow. Maybe it’s divine punishment for all that cheating. Anyway while all those Patriots are condemned to digging out their cars every morning you can be rubbing shoulders, not noses, with Hollywood royalty at receptions in Enchantment, The Barking Frog, The Sedona Hilton and Sound Bites. I know what Boston should do with all that snow. They should pile it up Mountain high in one of their stadiums and build ski runs and bob sled runs on it cause it seems the polar vortex is gonna keep returning like the curse of the Bambino every winter. Something else you can do besides shoveling is wine tasting to the sounds of Rachel Marie Kimber @ Pillsbury Wine Company or The 27’s @ Arizona Stronghold and Guitarist Rick Cyge @ Burning Tree Cellars. Rather hoist some brews instead The Cultivators, Tha Yoties & Keith Okie – Ska/Reggae Dance Party @ That Brewery or it’s Oak Creek Brewery’s 20th ANNIVERSARY PARTY LIVE MUSIC THROUGHOUT THE DAY, w/ Ray Rossi, 2 Suns, and the Omnivators. If you’re looking to dance Llory and Combo along with Mountain Stranded Time are at the Spirit Room, Retros and the 11th Hour @ the 10/12 and Sir Harrison Blues Dance Band @ Sound Bites Grille. And… last but not least Elvis is at My Dobro. Go to to find out when.

Old Town Dave