Nothing But Blue Skies

Don’t look now but it’s gorgeous outside. And it’s going to stay that way for the foreseeable future (ie my weather channel 10 day forecast). To make it even better it’s Art Walk Weekend with first Friday bashes at the Main Stage, all over Sedona and Down Town Flagstaff. So put on your best duds and mix with the Hoi Polloi, drink some local wine or brews and check out the local talent and each other. Some people are works of art all by them selves. Real works of art can be found at the Jerome 1st Saturday Art Walk at the Jerome Artists Coop Show where Janice Paul‘s piano jazz will accent the festivities then you can boogie on up to the Spirit Room cause if it’s Art Walk then Johnny’s playin’. Too artsy fartsy for ya? Well you can stay down in the ware house district and if you can find “That” Brewery they’ve got good beer (a different art form) and a garage band, The 27s rock-a-billy band. Main Stage has a couple girls known as .:Blue Arrows:. then Black Cat Bone Skadoosh to dance to. You can dance to The Skunky Ron Big Band featuring Ed Tortorello @ My Dobro and the 10-12 Lounge or to The Izzies again @ the 10-12 Lounge. The blues are @ The Marketplace Cafe with R.D. Olson Blues but jazz is @ Sound Bites Grille for “Jazz & Juice”~ Sandner-Martin Jazz Quartet. If you go out in the red rocks this weekend keep a lookout for mountain bikers cause its the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival March 6-8 @ Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village and all over creation. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you out there just don’t run me over with that bike.

Old Town Dave