For the Love of God

God I hate religion. I know that sounds moronic. But it was the word of God as Kayla understood it that sent her to places like Africa and Syria to help people in need and it was some other guy’s word of God that justified kidnapping, enslaving, and ultimately killing her. Everyone thinks their God is the “God of Peace” but all have waged wars in his name, whatever “that” is. People on both sides of this issue are trying to start a religious war and that is something WE must try to avoid. Whenever someone tries to use religion as a reason for war I start to look for the REAL economic/political reasons that are unworthy to stand alone to motivate a conflict. In the middle east (Syria/Iraq/Iran) ie ISIS/ISIL/Daesh or in Nigeria Boku Haram the common denominator is control of the oil market. For most of recent history the oil market has been controlled by the US-Saudi Sunni alliance but now that control is threatened by the Shiite dominated Iraq-Iran alliance. The old Neo-Colonial system that divided up religions and ethnicities ruled over by Western approved kings and dictators is falling apart. The Islamic Jihadist movement, that was started by the Saudis and the CIA in Soviet dominated Afghanistan, is now being used to replace the neo-colonial system with a Wahabi/Sunni Islamic state or the threat of one. Follow the money and you will see that the money and guns comes from “our allies” the Saudis, and quite possibly the CIA. The idea here is to create conflict in your rivals backyard disrupting oil production and to use the “infidels” (that’s us) armies and weapons to do it. Americans won’t fight for the Saudi monopoly but they will fight for “God”. You just need some well armed and financed mercenaries (former Baathists) and some wackos willing to kill “infidels” and the Crusade is sure to follow. But before we get sucked into yet another endless war it’s time to celebrate something that should be endless…Love. Yes it’s that time of year again, time to prove your love and support the local economy at the same time. You’ll be glad to know that you’ve got lots of options. The Sammy Davis Band @ Cliff Castle Casino – Dragonfly Lounge always gets you in the mood with those motown favorites or if you want to corral your lover Vittles, Vines & Valentines @ Blazin M Ranch. If its Wine, Women and Song then you want to be in Old Town where PK Gregory/ Jason Kevin plays for your Valentine @ Burning Tree Cellars and the The 27’s 3-6 p.m. @ Fire Mountain Wines, or PK Gregory again @ Pillsbury Wine Company, and Darius Lux plays guitar for your Valentine Dinner @ The RIOT. There’s a great line-up at the Valentine’s Day-Concert of Love @ Old Town Center for the Arts or you can dance Valentine’s Day with THE IZZIES @ My Dobro or slow dance those torch songs with Mountain Stranded Time @ 10-12 Lounge. In Sedona Valentines Special ( Vismaya) Free Champagne and Roses @ Pura Vida Latin Cuisine or Meadowlark Flute & Guitar Valentine’s Day Performance @ Golden Goose Cafe. Valentine’s Chocolate & Jazz Date with Duo Alegria! @ Lulu’s Chocolate Lounge and Zenprov Performs your love life with A Comedy of Eros on Valentine’s Day. @ Mary D. Fisher Theatre. If you’re flyin’ solo you should check out Black Cat Bone Skadoosh @ The Spirit Room and maybe you’ll get lucky. And finally on Sunday its Music for Lovers Dinner & Show. An Evening with the Masters of Music @ Relics Restaurant &Nightclub. Hey maybe if we blew all our money on Wine, Women, and Song there wouldn’t be any left over for oil wars.

Old Town Dave
Make Love not War