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Fool Me Twice?



Remember NAFTA? It was suppose to be this great trade deal that was going to turn North America into an economic giant, something like the European Union, and keep America strong and prosperous and employed. It didn’t turn out that way. Twenty years later we can see that we’ve been hemorrhaging jobs ever since. It destroyed the traditional farming system of Mexico sending tens of thousands of landless peasants across the border looking for jobs that were already scarce and it destroyed the Unions. But it did make the multi-national corporations stronger and more prosperous. That’s because they, and their lobbyists wrote it. You thought they meant “you” when they said “America” didn’t you? Most of the congressmen who voted for it admitted they hadn’t even read the fast tracked bill when it came up. Most of us had never heard of it till it became law. Same is true for the WTO and KAFTA agreements. How many even know what they stand for? Or that these agreements over-ride all local laws and courts. That your national, state, local government and you can be sued by a foreign corporate “court” for lost profits even if you were defending your land and local economy? Well, that worked so well they’re trying to pull a “fast tracked” one again. This time it’s called the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP. Again its being written 85% by multi-national corporations and their lobbyists, and again it’s all secret, no congressional debate or public review before it’s passed. Orin Hatch was on PBS last night trying to defend it, couldn’t even remember the name of it and I’m sure hasn’t read it or all the others he voted for because his donors told him to. When asked about the lack of transparency he said it would all be “transparent” after it was made law. What I’m sure will be transparent is how they screwed us again. Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me Twice, Thrice, FOUR times shame on all of us.

Know who is shameless is that boom whacking fool Dave Rentz who you can see not once, twice but three times this weekend at That Brewery with Keith Okie and Easterling & Gildersleeve for the Verde Valley Montessori Fundraiser, Dave’s Church of Dog without Dogma @ The Red Rooster Cafe, and finally with Johnny Lingo Trio @ 10-12 Lounge. If being made a fool of makes you angry, you can call your congressmen or you can check out Anger Management Stand Up Comedy @ The Orpheum Theater. Stay in Flag for the next night and you’ll see lots of fools at Circus Bacchus: Reduce, Reuse, Re-circus again @ The Orpheum. Maybe a bus load of GOP Presidential candidates will show up. Are you madder than a Squirrel Nut Zipper? Then go see Jimbo Mathus and The Tri State Coalition! @ The Raven Cafe or go tell off those Blues Dawg @ Vino di Sedona. It’s the 1st Annual Gold King Mine Spring Music Festival @ The Gold King Mine and Main Stage’s 2 Year Anniversary Bash!! And JC’s (of Cheap Sunglasses) Birthday Bash!! @ The Main Stage. My remedy is a double order of Combo DeLuxe @ Spirit Room then research the definition of Iz with the Izzies @ 10-12 Lounge. The real TESORO is playing @ The Spirit Room, and with Tina Malia in Concert @ Old Town Center for the Arts. Too much music to see it all? Need to make a decision? We don’t keep secrets just click here… and it will all be transparent.

Old Town Dave