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Feeding the Fire

Its almost momma day, are you ready? One of the things momma taught me was tolerance and you know if I hadn’t been able to tolerate all the fools around here I’d probably be dead or in jail by now. Like these wackos down in Texas that think drawing offensive pictures of Mohammed is exercising their “God given?” right to free speech. I’m all for free speech (How else are we going to know who the assholes are?) unless it’s designed to cause harm or provoke violence. Don’t confuse these guys with Charlie Hebdo whose political cartoons usually critique Islamic jihadists’ intolerance and violence through images of Mohammed. This group’s aim, just like the Florida preacher who burned Korans, was to provoke, insult and hurt Muslims. It worked, although I was amazed that jihadists had to come halfway across the country to take the bait. That it was a trap is evidenced by the fact that despite having body armor and assault rifles they were the only ones killed. No loss, but we may not be so lucky in the future. Starting “fires” like this is like falsely yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. Hate groups like this are throwing fuel on the fire and innocent people are going to get hurt. If these jihadists had been smarter they would have stopped at that Walmart next door bought an American flag, made in China, some drawing paper, magic markers, and a easel. Then set up next to the Mohammed event and drawn insulting pictures of Jesus, the Virgin and burned the flag thereby fighting fire with fire and may even be alive today as heroes to their cause.

If your momma is old enough to remember vinyl she might want to check out the Ghost Town Social @ The Spirit Room also stick around for Kevin Daly’s Chicken and Waffles and The Hardways. If you’ve got a country momma she might like to watch Corrie Sachs pays tribute to Reba McEntire @ Mary D. Fisher Theatre or spend the whole day @ PJ’s Village Pub with the Wright Bros 2-6 pm and Mike Reeves 9 – 1am. It’s Old Town Cottonwood 2nd Saturday Art Walk and Firefly is having a Grand Opening with Dave Rentz and his rocks, Tara Lynn Walrus + meet local artist Doug Weber @ Pillsbury Wine Company and DL Harrison and Steve Warren @ Kactus Kates. Ukeladies join Tommy Rocks @ My Dobro with special guests Dave Rentz & the Jerome Ukulele Orchestra. Downtown in the parks its Prescott Fine Art & Wine Festival @ Courtyard Square and Open Air Cinema in the Park, DiVoM, The Great Train Robbery, N by NW @ Clarkdale. If your momma likes to dance you should try Green Light: @ Sound Bites Grille, the Retros @ 10-12 Lounge or the Mother’s Day event featuring Susannah Martin and Steve Sandner Jazz Quartet @ Sound Bites Grille. Be sure to check for date and time and I’ll see you on the lawn.

Old Town Dave