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Deflated Expectations

Are you pumped up for the Super Bowl? Neither am I. A contest between the two most infamous coaches in football kinda leaves me “deflated”. The Patriots were caught spying on opposing teams signals in their last “undefeated season”. It’s easy to win games when you know what plays your opponent is running. They got a slap on the wrist and the NFL down played the scandal. Now they are “caught” in the “Deflate-gate” scandal which may seem “over-inflated” but again the NFL does nothing to defend the integrity of the game. When the Sea Hawks coach ran the USC team they earned the NCAA’s worst punishment ever devastating the program. The coach skated punishment by going to the NFL. Who says cheaters never prosper? Much has been said how football players are role models for America’s youth, but is the NFL a role model for American business culture? That might explain a lot. We seem to have a zero tolerance policy for politically incorrect faux-pas committed by gladiators we have groomed from some of America’s most dis-advantaged communities. While we excuse and even reward blatant dishonest acts committed by those same gladiators owners and coaches who come from our vaulted upper class. You can explain this whole mess with a cynical statement “Follow the Money”. Professional sports (including FIFA, the Olympic Committee and the tax exempt NFL) have got a long way to go to re-establish any credibility with a growing number of viewers who just won’t swallow the BS anymore. As for the “Cheater Bowl”, I’ll pass by going up to Jerome where the bars don’t even have a TV and dance to Llory McDonald and Combo DeLuxe. I’ll watch the commercials (the best part) later on U-tube. “The Game” will be on at any bar with a TV and you can go to to see which ones are throwing big Super Bowl parties. Just remember it’s OK to bet your co-workers and friends at the bar, but if you bet at the casino or a bookie you are corrupting the game cause “Jimmy the Greek” said “There’s no such thing as an honest playoff game.” May the best cheater win.

You don’t have to cheat to win when the Green Light Returns to Sound Bites Grill or you go Retros @ My Dobro. Llory and Combo Delux will pump you up all weekend at the Spirit Room and The Bresnan Blues Band @ PJ’s Village Pub and Mountain Stranded Time @ My Dobro won’t let you down. Need to hear those guitars sing, Miller & Miller (Father and Son – Robin & Eric) @ The Marketplace Cafe or the ultimate Electric Harp Guitar Group Eaton, Mazzella and Jenkins @ Old Town Center for the Arts. Too much guitar? Then drive up to Flag and check out the little guitars at The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain @ NAU Ardrey Memorial Auditorium or Todd Snider @ The Orpheum Theater. I get sad when I think how they ruined the game so maybe I need some cheering up with Zenprov Comedy Presents: “Adult Supervision Required” @ The Main Stage. See you on the dance floor. I’ll be the one not wearing a jersey.

Old Town Dave