Beyond the Industrial Age

Early in the 20th century the powers that be decided that it would be a good idea for everyone to provide “free” compulsory education through high school. Few would say that was a bad thing today. We all profit from a work force that can read and write, add, subtract and count back change. Originally a revolutionary idea, but now a standard “right” in most industrial countries. That “idea” was what made us the industrial giant of the last century. Now in this century the industrial revolution has moved on to other countries that are “developing” their own educational systems. But here? We are stuck with last century’s education model for an industrial society that no longer exists. America likes to be #1, but we haven’t been #1 in education statistics for some decades now. Have we lost the knack? Or maybe we need to evolve. A High School education just doesn’t cut it anymore. Most of us would say it was a joke anyway. People don’t get serious about school until college. If we are going to get those higher paying high tech jobs that fit our high tech future we have to have an education model that turns out qualified personnel. Or are we going to import those too? So when I hear Obama say he wants to fund community college for all those who qualify, I say finally someone gets it. You get out of an educational system what you put into it. We can be an old third rate rusting industrial country loosing ground to Brazil, Vietnam and Korea. Or we can be a contender for #1 competing with Germany, Japan, and China. Unfortunately that decision is up to Congress.

If you’re looking for a musical education I would strongly suggest Flor de Bee-Vintage World Swing Jazz Duo @ Sound Bites. Vincent Z is an incredibly versatile musician and when combined with Susannah Martin’s vocals magic happens. If you “don’t need no education” you should drive over the mountain for the Great Gig in the Sky performing the music of THE WALL @ Prescott Valley Event Center. The School of Rock-a-Billy is here all weekend with The Cadillac Angels @ Kactus Kate’s and the Spirit Room all weekend and Skunky Ron & Toucan Eddy @ My Dobro, and the Old Corral. The return of Sedona’s Oak Creek Band plays The Spirit Room! And Squirrel Nut Zipper’s Jimbo Mathus and The Tri State Coalition! @ The Raven Cafe. Windham Hill Artist Scott Cossu and Friends @ Old Town Center for the Arts but if you want to see what the future of guitar sounds like check out Bill Frisell “Guitar in the Space Age” @ Musical Instrument Museum. Oh man, too many choices! My head wants to explode! That reminds me Big Head Todd & The Monsters @ The Orpheum Theater. This is going to take some planning, better go to and figure this out. Good thing gas is cheap.

Old Town Dave