Advertising Prices and Order Form

Description Size Set up fee* 1 month 3 month 10% Disc 6 month15% Disc 12 month20% Disc
Side Bar 1 125x125 Y   N $15.00[wp_cart_button name=”Side Bar 1- 1 month” price=”15.00″] $40.50[wp_cart_button name=”Side Bar 1- 3 month” price=”40.50″] $76.50[wp_cart_button name=”Side Bar 1- 6 month” price=”76.50″] $144.00[wp_cart_button name=”Side Bar 1- 1 yr” price=”144.00″]
Side Bar 2 260x125 Y   N $26.00[wp_cart_button name=”Side Bar 2- 1 month” price=”26.00″] $75.20[wp_cart_button name=”Side Bar 2- 3 month” price=”75.20″] $132.60[wp_cart_button name=”Side Bar 2-6 month” price=”132.60″] $249.60[wp_cart_button name=”Side Bar 2- 1yr” price=”2249.60″]
Side Bar 3 (business card ratio) 260x150 Y   N $34.00[wp_cart_button name=”Side Bar 3- 1 month” price=”34.00″] $91.80[wp_cart_button name=”Side Bar 3- 3 month” price=”91.80″] $142.50[wp_cart_button name=”Side Bar 3-6 month” price=”142.50″] $281.25[wp_cart_button name=”Side Bar 3- 1year” price=”281.25″]
Side Bar 4 260x260 Y   N $45.00[wp_cart_button name=”Side Bar 4- 1 month” price=”45.00″] $127.50[wp_cart_button name=”Side Bar 3- 3 month” price=”127.50″] $247.50[wp_cart_button name=”Side Bar 3- 6 month” price=”247.50″] $472.50[wp_cart_button name=”Side Bar 3- 1 year” price=”472.50″]
Banner Ad 700x140 Y   N $66.00[wp_cart_button name=”Banner- 1 mnth” price=”66.00″] $178.20[wp_cart_button name=”Banner- 3 month” price=”66.00″] $336.60[wp_cart_button name=”Banner- 6 month” price=”336.60″] $633.60[wp_cart_button name=”Banner- 1 year” price=”633.60″]
Featured Area Front Page Y   N $78.00[wp_cart_button name=”Featured Ad- 1 month” price=”78.00″] $210.60[wp_cart_button name=”Featured Ad- 3 month” price=”210.60″] $397.80[wp_cart_button name=”Featured Ad- 6 month” price=”397.80″] $747.80[wp_cart_button name=”Featured Ad- 1 year” price=”747.80″]

*Camera ready ads need no set up fee.

Prices ranged from $10-35.00. All camera ready ads should be 72 dpi ad at pixel size listed above.

Prices as of December 1, 2014. Subject to change without notice.